the chosen few


Playing in a band past your teens is something surprisingly few musicians are able to do.

The reasons are many; work schedule, family life and obligations, maybe just not knowing any other musicians well enough to play with. 

For the “few” who do continue, the rewards are priceless.

Not that they don’t usually come at a cost. Often we play in bands that play music we don’t personally like. Or we play in bands with some people we don’t personally like.

But once in a while,…just once in a while….it happens.

And when it does, you know it right away.

Once in a while a group of musicians finds themselves in a band composed of mutually talented and respecting people, a band that feels like it was meant to be, a band that has an energy, a band that sounds like they’ve been together for years when they really are

just starting.

This is why The Chosen Few have emerged from their infancy to an incredibly entertaining band so quickly.

Comprised of segments of other bands, this group found each other at the right time, recognized it, and acted on it.

And now, as their schedule continues to fill and their song selection continues to evolve and change weekly, and  as their friends and fans take notice,  each member of the                    band is grateful for being “chosen”.

Thanks for reading…but you owe it to yourself to come out and experience us live        the way music is supposed to be played.